Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bread + Butter Barcelona - Jan 07

Yo yo yo yo yo - sorry peeps for being away from the computer so long! Been very busy booking up the Monorex/Secret Wars diary for next 12 months....so far so good

Lots of things to tell you about - first of all our little business trip to sunny Barcelona for the coolest trade show on the planet (Bread + Butter).

We were asked to come on over and paint two sections alongside She 1, who rocked it! We took a team of 5 which included artists Alfamale and Teck 1 - We decided on a seperate theme for each....Inside we dropped a Secret Wars style battle piece that was obviously Black and White and included some crazy mutant circus characters. While outside we dropped a spray piece that had the guys characters in the forefront with a brown and yellow city scape of Barcelona (See pics).

We were there for a total of five days and had a super time with all expenses paid!! Met some cool and well respected peeps like Jeff Staple and his right hand man Nico - plus went to a shed load of free parties where drinked flowed at a constant rate.....Alfa had probably 7 drinks on hand at any one time.

Didn't get much time to relax and see the city as the show was full on but I did sneek off at one point to go and check out a large castle on the mountains that was one eery ghost town....eventually we found some peeps and bought some calimari!

All in all the trip was a major success and hopefully exposed the artists aswell as Monorex to the thousands of people who came and saw........meaning big things for 07!

Thanks to Andy @ Edding for supplying the juicy pens we needed to paint the masterpieces and a big up also for the flights....

Another shout out to Peggy @ Bread and Butter for getting us involved and being such great hosts for the five days we were out there....see you in the summer!

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