Monday, September 29, 2008


We were invited by our friends at Designers Block to get involve and design a Selfridges window...There were 9 other artists/collectives involved from many different artistic backgrounds involved - check here for other windows -

Jimi Crayon, Mr K and Stika created this window in one LONG night (drinking only Rockstar)....We started at 9pm and finished at 6am!

It was a roller coaster day, we got clamped at Currys in the day while buying a TV from the store...We then got pulled over by the police at 6am for driving down Oxford st illegally?? When the policeman asked me what we were upto - I stupidly said "Morning officer, we have just done a job at Selfridges". It sounded like we had just done a robbery as we were in a rented transit and i had another guy in the back! So he asked me to step out the van and answer some questions.....

Long day and long night....But we got there in the end!

The finished masterpiece

Thanks to edding UK for sponsoring and Rory and Piers for getting us involved in the first place..


The international Secret Wars battle hub has arrived!

People can now check in and click on each SW city to see when the next local battle is and also get upto speed on whats hot and whats not...

More features to follow:

Shop - selling exclusive product
Download section
Artists interviews
SW calendar

Keep checking back for info and updates


Thursday, September 25, 2008


photo by Kennysia

Report and more pics to follow

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

brum series 2 videos and news

yes yes secret wars fans and folks
its all happening at the rainbow pub in digbeth, birmingham

got some lovely video's that our man trav has made up
and general news of the last battle..

mr monk beat heavy contender agent to go through..
and mr phill blake was triumphant over jake bussy bale.
all fantastic pieces as always, big props out to the artists and all the brum crew
loads of stills at

here's the video's, hope you enjoy...

series 2 / round 1
filmed and edited by trav

series 2 / round 2
filmed and edited by trav

birmingham series 2 artists will be drawing at dj q-bert
in the rainbow warehouse this saturday!
we will be holding down the beach for our mateys at scratch club..

next brum round is october the 11th, hold tight!

seeds + slobodan
secret wars brum team

Monday, September 08, 2008

Stika + Mr K get up down Charlotte Road

Stika and Mr K teamed up for a little collaboration down the East End!

Loving the "Joker" colourway...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Southampton draw and dates confirmed

The draw has taken place and the dates are booked and set in stone. Make sure you get them locked into your memory, your diary, your Abi Titmus calendar, your swish iphone, your annoying blackberry, whatever your date recording device is, get these dates in there -

1st Round - Thursday 25th September
Gustav Vs VoN

2nd Round -Thursday 6th November
Gustoh Vs Rikki Finn

3rd Round - Thursday 27th November
Pykee Vs Mecha One

4th Round - Thursday 29th January
Rem1 DNK Vs

1st Semi - Final - Thursday 26th February
? Vs ?

2nd Semi - Final - Thursday 26th March
? Vs ?

Final - Thursday 30th April
? Vs ?

We've got a batch of fresh artists, new to secret wars, but not to the illustrating game, all eager to draw blood from defending champion Gustav, who last year blitzed his way to the top spot. Trust me when I say, from looking at each individuals submissions, the bar has been raised. These artists are guaranteed to titillate your artistic taste buds...mmmmm tasty!

See you there, bring a bib!