Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Workshop in Bristol (Barton Hill) - Teck 1 & Alfa

Secret Wars - London - Odisy vs Sichi @ Juno

Another 1st round battle has been concluded and the big man they call Odisy has conquered and gone through to the next round of Secret Wars.....This guy smashed it!

Sichi (Vinyl Abuze) put up a good fight but could not handle the speed and battle diss's that Odisy threw up.

Thanks to everyone who came down and watched this all unfold - and for anyone who was confused and wondering when Teck 1 vs 8Bit was happening, it will be held on the 14TH SEPTEMBER @ VIZION 7 (HOLLOWAY RD)....So come along and show some support!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chicken head draws the names for Secret Wars Bham

ello Secret Wars contenders, Sorry for the delay in the details on the results of the draw for the First Series in Birmingham.

(Life grabbed hold and wouldn’t let me go for a while.)

I had the pleasure of having the draw done by this chap…

He’s called Peter and lives in Leamington Spa… when it rains he comes out to stand by the road side in one of his many hats and he counts the number of car horns or jeers he gets… here he has donned the chicken hat … legs tied to support and stop thee hat from falling off in hi wind.

I asked him why he felt the need to do this and he replied…

“ I just want to make people Smile.”

So here are the names in order as selected by our man Peter…
8th Sept Phill Blake Vs Bugsy

13th Oct Zesk Vs Newso

10th Nov Lunartik Vs Crom

8th Dec Kungfogienihi Vs Two Pence

All pens will be provided on the day … you may bring black paint and a roller but due to the nature of the space, health n safety etc, we cannot use spray cans. (Yet)

The winner of each battle will go through to the 2 x semi finals held on either the …
26th Jan or 2nd Feb 2008.

The winners of these battles will then go on to the final TBA in March 2008.

With the winner of the final walking away with £500 plus a load of other goodies such as paint, Tees, Watches, and Pens etc. (the list is growing.)

So with the draw done, let the battles commence.

Good luck to you all & enjoi yourselves… in the words of Flava Flav…

“showem whatchu got.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Secret Wars Birmingham - The Qualifiers!

Ok here are some snaps of last Saturday night @ The Rainbow where Secret Wars has just opened another championships...

We had 8 artists testing there skills getting ready for the draw and the real deal..Night went down a storm and need to give a huge shout out to Ian (Cutterskink) for organising - congratulations bro!

Also a big up to Reeps 1 for smashing again on the mic...

Keep your eyes peeled for the draw - Birmingham is ready to give London a run for it's money!


Lunartik and his piece on the night...

Reeps loving the spotlight

Monorex in Bristol!

Not been on the blogger for a while as we have been out and about - working for Vauxhall tribes and masterminding the Secret Wars empire.....

But last weekend we went on a road trip to Bristol and split ourselves in 2, one half going to the tribes event @ Lakota, and the other off to Bloom festival.

Both projects went really well - meeting more new artists along the way (Phil Blake and the LML crew + Space and Level)....

Debug had a little bit of a nightmare with finding a wall to paint at Bloom as the organisers had forgot to construct one.....:( But after chatting to a couple of peeps we were offered a mobile wall courtesy of the LML crew (from Coventry)...Thanks Guys!

Thanks to everyone who came along on the trips and a big up to Maria @ Vauxhall tribes


Walls by 45RPM and his crew!

Vauxhall Tribes @ Lakota - Space

Alfa @ Vauxhall tribes

Friday, August 10, 2007


This Saturday @ Rainbow will be the Qualifiers for the first Birmingham series - 12 artists will be battling it out for 120 mins with 8 guys getting selected for the finals...

We will keep you updated on who goes through and the resulting draw.

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Get down there early as this will be one busy night!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Adidas bring the paint!

Last week Adidas came down to the trains and brought along some of the best graffiti artists in the industry....Scien, Atom, Cantwo and more

They were promoting the "End to End project" where each of the artists got to design their own shoe (Stan Smith)...Some look good and some are not so good!

But heh the guys smashed it down at our offices! Thanks to Stefan @ Adidas