Thursday, November 30, 2006

Secret Wars - Inkie and 5683 go through to Q finals...


Another super hectic night down at secret wars HQ – with hundreds of people crammed in the venue (Juno) the guys got underway and did not disappoint – with 4 fresh and completely different styles thrown on the wall….first up was 5683 vs C’bon who replaced Polio at the very last minute due to family reasons – so big up to C’bon for free styling a super duper piece based round love and hate.

Monorex invited the Patchwork Pirates and DJ Skunkboy to drop the beats plus we had Cpt crunch mixing some tunes to in a cameo appearance – a perfect music combination for a fierce battle environment.

5683 drew a grim reaper stooping over a boy with polio (pre planned idea), it looked amazing and set the tone for the rest of the night with Inkie and Rich T going head to head. After some split and very confused judges tipped for 5683 the night had a small interval – the monorex boys decided to add a whole load of extras to this secret wars and all future gigs, with C’monts being drafted in to host the night and a freestyle beat boxer to rev the crowd up before round 2!!!! Both hyped and excited the sweaty and loud crowd to the extent of them shouting for Inkie and Rich T…so round 2 commenced with two hot favourites up against each other in round 1 – who would win? Only time would tell.

Inkie made a super quick start, bubbling with magners he literally covered his side of the wall with his classical inspired girl montage – leaving Rich T still on his outlines…..over the 1 and a half hours this was always the case with Rich T struggling to catch up and cover more of the space, at some points of the battle Rich seemed to turn and stare at what Inkie was painting in awe or just pure shock….answers on the back of a postcard!!

With the battles over the crowd were interested to find out who would take the last spot in the Secret Wars Q final – and with the judges for the first time explaining their answers, the crowd got an insight into their thoughts…..and after a dramatic 1:1 vote for each artist – up stepped Jude (Opus Dopus) who dropped the Inkie bombshell, sending the crowd into fits of cheers!!

So may the Quarter finals roll on!!

Next battles – December 16th

Mr Shrew vs. Teck1

Gustav Balderdash vs. Okkle


Friday, November 24, 2006

Stussy sample sale and gear up to Secret Wars!

What a hectic friday this was but enjoyable in a sense....from start to finish I was on my feet walking somewhere or emailing/phoning someone!

I am just glad I have one of those good ol Blackberrys, otherwise I would be lost and out of work. But hey all is cool and I rocked it - so nothing to worry about there.

Ok so here is a quick break down of my day:

  • Woke up / showered / Emails (20 of them) / Picked up a delivery for Secret Wars
  • Designed stickers/ badges/ flyers for Secret Wars street campaign
  • Organising events schedule for next year
  • Met Taka (Matsuri) to pick up flyers for Chilly con carnage / Went to Juno to poster walls
  • Stussy sample sale/ Beer with Teck 1 / Bagels for dinner
  • Home/ More emails and planning of Secret Wars tomorrow

Anyway I bought myself 4 x Stussy tees - some for xmas pressies and a couple for me! :) a mans never got enough fly T's...

signing out - need some extra sleep for a long day on the battle field @ Secret Wars, so see you soon.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blacktronica - Rock Tha Bells!

Went down to check out the docuementary about Wu-tangs last gig together....It was a funny and entertaining film with some great real life characters (ODB's crew), this gig was a real feat to pull off and it ended up being ODB's last gig before he died one month later!

This film basically followed the organiser "Chang" around showing the audience the stresses and strains of setting up something as big as this!

Hopefully this film drops on DVD but I doubt it as it seems very low budget....

Anyway if you get the chance to see it - do it!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Shakes gig @ 93ft East

Got invited to attend the Shakes & Man like me gig down at 93ft East – went pretty well with a decent size crowd in attendance to see them both perform….Not sure about the Man like me crew tho as I thought only 1 out of 6 songs was worth buying…But what the guy lacks in musical ability, he makes up for in showmanship with a crazy leap onto the roof while rapping his lyrics to a hungry hip hop crowd!

Well done Shakes – you rocked it once again!

Alfa paints a space invader wall for Creative X

Here are some flicks from a job we did on Friday, it is not Alfa’s normal or favored style but he definitely pulled it off in some style.

He stuck to the brief and produced a wicked little piece that the client loved – well done mate and may the challenges keep on coming.

Over and out


Yo just a quick one as I’m completely exhausted from a full on Monorex weekend!

Here are the pics from the Below Zero Ice bar where we dropped our 3rd Chilly Con Carnage but this time in conjunction with our Japanese friends Matsuri...

On a cold but sunny day we managed to get down 14 or so artists to paint canvases through out the day and then we all went inside for a special little party that had visuals by fcflow and music from the pirates and geisha disco boys.


Next one will be our Xmas special and we have 50 tickets available for the dinner before the party - three course super meal with champagne.....yeah baby! So drop me an email to enquire -

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Secret Wars - Featuring Sickboy, Wen, Alfamale and Inkfetish!

Another two battles down - with one more heat to go before we head into the Quarter finals.....

Saturday was one night to remember, raising the bar once again with Wen and Sickboy kicking things off on the left side of the wall. From the starting whistle things were exciting - with Sickboy refusing to get up and start, allowing his opponent (Wen) a head start that he said he needed.

The crowds again only keep growing with Juno having to reject to at least 100 people on the door!! Sorry people....:) we will be getting a bigger venue for series 2!

The results from battle 1 were there for all to see - Wen dropped a sick piece, with his characters curing Sickboy with little injections....while Sickboy chose to just doodle his usual quirky style....The judges voted Sickboy!! Controversially...with crowds booing and cheering :)

Battle 2 was another tasty line up which could have easily been a final...with Alfamale up against Inkfetish, there piece was even more intense with both sides preferring to go all guns blazing!

Inkfetish dropped a pumpkin head character stabbing a little Alfa doll, while Alfamale drew his grim reaper pulling the strings on Inkfetish's Pinocchio character in high heels :) funny!

At the end the judges voted Alfamale 2:1 - but I would have to say that battle really raised the bar as most people thought they planned the piece being that it gelled so well.

Anyway until next time.....see you on the battle field!

Wight Air - Featuring Teck 1, C'bon and Toxic

Been away for a long time - 3 events and 3 other jobs all in 2 weeks! so you could say Monorex is doing ok for won't be long till we finally get our hands on our very own HQ!

Anyway let’s start off with our recent two day trip to the sunny Isle Of Wight, for an extreme sports festival called Wight Air.

I invited 3 artists along for the ride to paint a 60ft (wide) by 1oft (high) wall - The masks I selected were Teck1, C'bon and Polio.....Polio pulled out at the last minute with Glandular fever (get better soon homie).

After a smooth ride on the National Express we arrived at Portsmouth harbour where we jumped on the last ferry to the island. While crossing the 15 min stretch Teck and C'bon where both surprised how choppy it got as the boat was tilting at least 7ft side to side!!

Once arriving at destination we pretty much downed chilli con carnage and hit the sack - charging the batteries for the early morning start.

Both days were really full on but very fun with huge amounts of people coming over to check us out....working from 11 till 6pm both days we covered a huge amount of space. Teck called it his finest piece to date, and on the exposure front we were interviewed by channel 4 and BBC for various documentaries and photographed by a thousand people.

We also squeezed in 4 workshops each day, teaching people how to graf Monorex style.....This went down a treat with the locals as they very rarely get a chance to see this kind of quality.

A massive thank you has to go out to my mum as she cooked us some super dinners and big breakfasts!! xx